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DIY Pool Shop Portable Vacuum System with 1.5 HP In-Ground Pool Pump - FREE SHIPPING

DIY Pool Shop Portable Vacuum System with 1.5 HP In-Ground Pool Pump - FREE SHIPPING


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DIY Pool Shop Portable Vacuum System with 1.5 HP In-Ground Pool Pump - FREE SHIPPING

The Portable Vacuum System is designed to protect the main filter in your pool from excessive dirt and debris buildup, ensuring your pool remains clean and clear. This system includes a powerful 1.5 HP full-rated in-ground pool pump and a 150 square foot cartridge filter. It is ideal for pools, fountains, ponds, or any other water features that may accumulate a large amount of debris. All unclean water is directed into the portable vacuum's filter cartridge, and clean water is returned directly back into the source. Additionally, this system can serve as an auxiliary pump filtration system when the existing pump-filter is non-operational. It is perfect for winterizing and draining pools and spas. The cartridge filter is capable of picking up fine materials like sand, unlike most mesh bag filtration systems such as the Hammerhead, which primarily collect leaves and large debris. Optional hitch is available for added convenience.

Ideal for pool opening and closing, this commercial duty Port-A-Vac is equipped with a powerful stand-alone pump and filter, all securely attached to a rugged powder-coated steel cart.

Made in the USA


  • The system features a 1.5 HP self-priming pump with an oversized trap, ensuring efficient and reliable operation for your pool or spa.
  • The system includes a 150 square foot cartridge filter, providing effective filtration for your pool or spa to keep the water clean and clear.
  • The system includes a 35-foot long, 12-gauge insulated cord, providing sufficient length and durability for convenient setup and operation.
  • The system is equipped with heavy-duty tubed tires, ensuring durability and stability for easy maneuverability.
  • The system features rugged 0.090 wall steel construction, providing strength and durability for long-lasting performance.
  • The system boasts a powder-coated finish, offering added protection against corrosion and ensuring a sleek appearance.
  • The system includes an On/Off switch with Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFI), providing added safety and convenience during operation.


  • Pool Pump: In-Ground Pool Pump with 6-inch Trap
  • Motor: 56Y Frame - 3450 RPM, 1.5 HP, 1 Speed, 115 Volt
  • Filter: 150 Sq Ft Cartridge Filter
  • Filter Element: C-7303, Diameter: 7 1/4", Height: 28 13/16 "